Urine testing device: How To Use Urinator Kit (sensor rod, port vinyl iv bag)

Are you looking for a urine testing device that will keep donor urine warm for the drug test? Then you should try the urinator kit. It is one of my favorite products that help me to prepare for the urine test.

Urine testing device With sensor rod, port vinyl iv bag, and computer chip

Urinator is an ultimate urine heating device known for regulating the temperature of the urine. Urinator urine testing device digitally controls the urine temperature with the help of a computer chip, Duracell batteries, and temperature sensor rod. You will not find any other urine heating device as best as a urinator. Urinator is one of the best electronic urine heating devices with vinyl tubing and a temperature control sensor rod. The research team behind the urinator did lots of research to build the urinator kit.

The Urinator Vs. Heat Packs Vs. Hand Warmer

The Urinator kit is an electronic device that runs on two Duracell 9-volt batteries. Unlike a heating pad and hand warmer, a urinator maintains the temperature of the donor urine sample at body temperature for at least four hours. Thus, it will keep the urine at the correct testing temperature. One set of alkaline batteries is enough for the urinator heating element to do its job of maintaing urine at the proper testing temperature.

The Urinator Device- Keep Donor urine sample warm

The Urinator, iv bag, syringe,fluid bag, two 9-volt Duracell batteries,bottle filling device and fold fabric shut

Urinator heating element with a bottle filling device and syringe is far superior to any other urine heating device in the market. In addition, it is reliable for the urine test.

You can also use the urinator device for passing multiple tests. Urinator is a reusable electronic urine heating device with a digitally controlled computer chip that gives a reliable result every single time. Many websites sell urinator kits, but I would suggest you purchase urinator from testclear.com only. When you buy a urinator directly from the supplier, you will get full support from them. They will give you free, fully confidential telephonic support so that it will maintain your privacy. No one will know about your trick to pass the urine drug test.

Urinator temperature control device better than hand warmer and a heating pad.

When you order the urinator kit, you will get a port vinyl iv bag, bottle filling device alkaline batteries,proesthetic penis, and synthetic urine as a free sample. Urinator is a trustworthy urine testing device that was first made in 1998. Since 1998 it is helping people to maintain urine at body temperature for the drug test. When you order a urinator from testclear.com, I can assure you that your order is safe with them. Test clear is a safe and secure site to order a urinator kit.

One of the best things that I like about the urinator is that it is easy to use, and you can easily hide your urinator kit and proesthetic penis in pants. You don’t need anything other than a urinator for passing the urinator. The urinator kits, including synthetic urine, vinyl tubing, and fold fabric shut, is enough for beating the test. The Urinator kit’s current price is around 150$, which I think the best price for the product. In addition, it is a reusable product, which means that you are not paying 150$ for one-time use.

What if the Urinator urine testing device failed to keep the urine at body temperature?

You are using a urinator for multiple urine test temperature. For any reason, if you didn’t like the urinator device, then you can also request a refund. Urinator device has a very generous refund policy that everyone would like. They give you a full refund if you don’t like the urinator device. So for any reason, if you think urinator is not best suited for your experiments, then you can request for refund. They will give you a full refund of your purchase. So why are you waiting? Place your order of urinator kit now.

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