Powder Urine Simulation experiment with room temperature water(70F/21C)

It is difficult for the researcher to collect urine for a lab experiment. People feel awkward about giving urine samples for experiments. Some researchers are afraid to ask for a urine sample. Many people are also looking for urine simulation so that they can use it to conduct prank on their friend. Regardless of your experiment, you can use urine simulation without asking anyone for a urine sample.

powdered human urine

TestClear Powdered Human Urine Kit With Vials, Heaters and uric acid.

There are many companies online that sell urine simulation, but most of them are fake. If you are looking for real powdered human urine, not synthetic chemical urine, this post will help you a lot. Many brands in the market sell urine, but you have to do lots of research before buying a urine sample. TestClear powdered urine kit is one of the widely used urine simulations. Many people use test clear powdered urine for their experiments.

It is my goto product when i need a real urine simulation. It is the only product that i recomend others when they ask me for real urine simulation products. Many synthetic urine products don’t have uric acid in it, which makes them not fit for their urine simulation experiment. Test clear powdered urine has all the essential ingredients that make it work for your experiment. It has uric acid and other vital chemicals that present in actual urine.

As the name suggests, powdered urine is actual real urine in powdered form. It is real dehydrated human urine that smells like real urine. There are some steps that you need to follow before using powdered urine. When you order a powdered urine kit that includes vials, heaters, thermometer, and rainbow temperature strip from the Testclear official website, it comes with an instruction manual that guides you on using powdered urine for your experiment. Other than the powdered urine kit, you need to add room temperature water in powder to create urine liquid. Additionaly you can use air-activated heaters to keep sample hot.

It is completely toxin-free and safe for your experiment. You can carry a powdered urine kit anywhere and can experiment on it. People also use powdered urine to hide the pregnancy and to pass the urine drug test. However, we do not recomend you to use powdered urine for a drug test.
You can use powdered pee for a funny prank like bed wetting and gag lift without any issue.

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