What sports can dogs play?

Wondering how to spend time with your dog? Relish this time pouring forth all your parental love, giving extra attention, and care by playing a whole new variety of games with your dog. Having said that, it’s necessary to keep the dogs both emotionally and physically fit. You can play plenty of sports with your furry companion to keep them fit, vibrant and zestful.

  1.       Agility- Agility is probably the most favourite sport for dogs. It is an engaging dog sport you can play with your dogs to revamp their performance. Under this, dogs are encouraged to jump, go through the tunnels, walk sideways through a structure built to direct them in each step of their way. They do so as per the instruction they receive from their respective handler/owner. This sport maintains the liveliness of the dogs.
  2.       Flyball- This is an amazing sport to reinvigorate the dogs. No sports list is complete without this game. Under this hurdles are created at an equal distance in a row. From the starting point, the dogs are made to jump off from the hurdles, take the ball from the end of the corner, and reach the starting point again. This sport is perfect to get over with your dog’s laziness. Plus it’s entertaining and prevents boredom.
  3.       Disc Dogs- This is a really easy and interesting sport you must play with your dog. Under this, the handler throws the Frisbee at the longest possible distance and the dog aims at catching the Frisbee. This game mainly measures the focus on speed and direction by the dog. The dog which covers the farthest zone wins the game. So this fun-filled game is quite entertaining and is a must try.
  4.       Dock diving- This is a joyful sport for your enthusiastic dog which can add zest to your dog’s monotonous life. Under this, the coach throws a toy in the pool at the farthest distance from the dock and the dog is made to jump to catch the toy. This involves rapt attention of the dog to catch the toy in the least possible time frame. The dog which reaches the highest height wins the sport.
  5.       Lure coursing- This is a race amongst the dogs which uses a temporary and artificial lure object. The dogs compete by chasing after the lure object. In between the sports, there are hurdles which act as a barrier in the dog’s race. The dog who chases the artificial lure first wins the game. The sport helps the dog in becoming more active, vigilant, and playful. Lure-coursing accelerates the dog’s speed to a great extent.

  Playing dog sport is an excellent way to ensure the optimal performance of the canine companions. This keeps the dog active which promotes longevity of their life-span. These sports play a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the dog’s cognitive functionality.

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